Blog Post – Director of Majestic Nights talks about creating new IP

It was August 2013. It was raining and I was wearing sunglasses. In a flash I had the vision of an isometric RPG-like game set in the 80’s with all the trimmings one could imagine. How could I do such a game on a small budget? Where we were going… we didn’t need roads!

When the early concept for Majestic Nights came about, the team latched onto it like Indiana Jones snatching a priceless relic. We had come off a big multi-year project, Frozen Hearth, and due to numerous perfect storm events we didn’t want to re-enter the fray with something quite so massive. One year and one month on, Majestic Nights is ready for preview, though as we say: it’s all in the reflexes.

First thing we wanted to do was learn to really tell stories well in games. We had a huge amount of narrative for Frozen Hearth that didn’t make it into the game.

Secondly, we wanted to work on a smaller project which would serve as a bit of a break for the team.

And finally, when you have an idea that ‘feels’ right, and you test it and it turns out to be good: follow it.

Majestic Nights springs from my love of finding and researching secret information. It’s about exposing these sorts of secrets in way that is fun.

Why do us Indies get into something so challenging as making games? Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

It just turns out that both fortune and glory are sold separately. So you’ve got to make what you love.

– Morgan Lean, Director of Majestic Nights

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