Hands-on previews of Majestic Nights are now LIVE!

The first few hands-on preview of Majestic Live are now live! Follow the links for the first press impressions of Chapter Zero: Sunset After Dark, the prologue mini-chapter which leads in to Season One.

Hardcore Gamer: http://www.hardcoregamer.com/2014/09/29/solve-conspiracies-with-a-keytar-in-majestic-nights/108150/

“The early build showcased an intriguing story backed by some solid writing and a fun aesthetic charged with ‘80s neon and music.”

“One of the few things still great about the ‘80 is its music, and Majestic Nights has a soundtrack that looks to have come straight out of a mullet and bullet pumping action flick. As cheesy as its presentation may be, this is at its core a serious adventure game revolving around eccentric conspiracies theorists and government organizations that use tacky B-movies to brainwash the masses.”

Critically Sane: http://criticallysane.com/majestic-nights-bright-lights-and-big-hair/

“I really enjoyed the hour or so I played as Cardholder and want to see where the crazy narrative takes him over the seven episodes to come.”

3rd Strike: http://3rd-strike.com/majestic-nights-preview/

“The many conspiracy theories that can be tackled during an alternative version of the 80s seems like a good concept and in the prologue they seem to successfully tackle one of the greatest theories.”

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