Majestic Nights

Design & Story

  • Morgan Lean, Director
  • Sam Jensen, Lead Designer
  • Boon Yeo, Game Designer
  • Dan McMahon, Writer
  • Tim Stobo, Level Designer
  • Krister Collin, Level Designer


  • William ‘Yuuki’ Walsh, Lead Programmer
  • Patrick Quintal, Support Programmer
  • Peter Budziszewski, Graphics Programmer Shaders


  • Mathew Purchase, Lead Artist
  • Anitta Smith, Artist
  • Justine Colla, Artist
  • Lawrence Wong, Animator
  • Svetlin Velinov, Concept Artist
  • Adam Paquette, Concept Artist
  • Danii ‘Facelips’ Johnstone, Motion Capture Artist


  • Edward ‘Das Fokks’ Fokkema, Composer
  • Wade Gilmour Mastering

Management & Public Relations

  • Leigh Harris, Studio PR & Marketing Manager
  • Damien Lee, CTO

Quality Assurance

  • Matthew Corrin
  • Robbie Snars
  • Steven Shilling

Community Testers

  • Dominic M
  • John C
  • Filin D
  • Menzel T
  • Morgan W
  • Jeffrey K
  • Anthea S


With funding assistance provided by Screen Australia


Licensing Credits


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