Chapter List

Chapter Zero – Sunset After Dark (Out Now)
Los Angeles, 1981

Cardholder investigates a missing film director who holds proof that the moon landing was a government hoax. All the clues are laid out in front of him, but shadowy powers are striving to thwart Cardholder’s every move…

Chapter One – Covert Genesis (Out Now)
Los Angeles, 1983

What begins as a routine investigation for Cal takes a twisted turn. While attempting to reveal the whereabouts of a missing person, she discovers that nothing is what it seems, and a larger government program is at work, a program which includes even herself…

Chapter Two – Barbary Heat (Releasing October 2015)
Johannesberg, 1983

Cardholder travels to Africa following a plea from an FBI-connected journalist who is desperate to help her friends in the Tanzanian Liberat

ion Army. With people trying to kill him from the moment his plane lands, Cardholder must journey to the very foot of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro to disrupt the plans of invaders experimenting with mind control.

Chapter Three – Autopsy in dreams
Las Vegas, 1983

Cal awakens strapped to a hospital gurney deep within the belly of a government facility; released to complete a new task from a mysterious figure known only as The Director. She must infiltrate the Argos Society, a Las Vegas-based group of crackpots and supposed alien abductees who obsessively monitor strange lights in the Nevada desert.

Chapter Four – Footsteps of the Gods
Caracas, 1984


Chapter Five – Wayward Children
Miami, 1984


Chapter Six – Ready, Mr President
Location Unknown, 1984



capital-hill-grove2Feature List

  • Isometric Action Adventure game-play
  • Real-time stealth and combat mechanics
  • Big hair!
  • Investigate and collect evidence to reveal the Truth
  • A vibrant alternative 1980s setting
  • A world full of conspiracy theories and government plots where everything you know is wrong
  • Nazi aliens!
  • Controller support for platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android
  • A gripping, six episode story
  • Puzzles, minigames and more!
  • Alternate story paths to explore
  • Kick-ass original 1980s soundtrack
  • ‘Chapter Zero’, a prologue to the core season, will be available free before launch
  • More Truth than any other game!
  • Season Pass will be available on all platforms (and comes with the soundtrack!)
  • Steam Achievements
  • Keytars

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