Chapter Zero: Covert Genesis Revealed!

Majestic Nights premieres in just ONE WEEK, coinciding with PAX Australia!

And with the date getting ever so much closer by the day, more and more information is begin declassified.

Check out this Video Walkthrough showing off some of the decision-making and consequences you might face in Chapter One: Covert Genesis as the private investigator Cal.

A piece of background on Chapter One…

It’s 1983 and Callie sits in her downtown Los Angeles office greeting with suspicion a mysterious man offering her a simple job to find a missing person with scant details. No sooner has she accepted the mission than her phone rings with an interested party, then another. This will be no simple case.

Chasing down one lead after another as to the man’s whereabouts, Callie soon finds that very few people are willing to discuss any details about him. Those who are only seem to know of him in legend or covert operative folklore.

Time after time, Callie finds herself having to use all her skill to bend peoples’ arms, first metaphorically then literally, in her pursuit of the truth. What she finds takes her through decrepit crack houses, uppity night clubs, a bizarre mega-corporation and eventually out into the middle of the Nevada desert…

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